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TALEB.NET  is a personal website that includes publications and papers of Abdulaziz A. BinTaleb 

Abdulaziz A. BinTaleb, Ph.D.

Author of the books "Studying Abroad" (2007) & "The Upcoming Oil" (2013).

Assistant Professor - College of Education, King Saud University.

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (2005).

Consultant - Ministry of Education (2006-2016).

Cultural Attaché in Australia (2012-2016).

Certified Arbitrator , Ministry of Justice (from 2006).



Website: www.taleb.net 

Twitter:  @aatlb







      Studying Abroad - Preliminary Information  


  ISBN  978-603-00-1748-5

  Seventh Edition: October 2008 (First Published in January 2007)

      - Printed & Published in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  14 chapters, 248 pages.     (Available only in Arabic)

   This book provides Arabic students with helpful information and practical tips about studying abroad issues such as, planning, choosing country and university to study, getting admission, obtaining visa, preparing for traveling, learning the language, standardized tests, academic issues, living abroad issues and the culture shock. It also introduces them to some of the more important cultural differences. In addition, the book offers a historical overview of the progress of studying abroad initiatives in Saudi Arabia since 1927. It also provides statistical data regarding studying abroad in the world and an overview of some Asian countries experiences in studying abroad programs (China, Japan, Korea & Malaysia).    



      The Upcoming Oil - Preliminary Information  


  ISBN  978-603-01-2246-2   

  First Edition: April 2013  

      - Printed & Published in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  9 chapters, 132 pages.  (Available in Arabic & English)

    This book is written in nine chapters talking about the importance of investment in education through scholarships and its global implications and the experiences of successful countries in this regard, then talking about the Saudi experience in its old history to its present leap. The book used analytical presentation based on numbers to deduce the evidence through statistics looking at leading international experiences.


the upcoming oil






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